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‘Super’ Seeder’s Stupid Settings

December 17, 2009 5 comments

The  last µTorrent support post I made was quite popular. over 600 hits in one day (the usual is 20-30/day). However, life goes on and so another day, another stupid support problem, but unlike last time, this guy thinks he’s smart and knows what he’s doing. Like last time, it’s the µTorrenet support channel, and this happened December 16th (yesterday)

[20:35.05] * Delusion ( has joined #utorrent
[20:40.27] <Delusion> I’m fighting with the maintainer of the newer versions of the hphosts file. and most big torrent sites are listed.  I’ve gone through the list for the sites that I use (including a bunch of blocks), but I can’t get utorrent 1.8.4 to connect to the update server.  I get “Unable to contact utorrent update server”.  Browsing to works fine, and
[20:40.34] <Delusion> I’m assuming the in-client update uses that.
[20:40.37] <Delusion> Am I missing anything?
[20:41.01] <Delusion> (obviously I’ve commented out all the hosts file entries that hit
[20:43.32] <Delusion> I’m currently hosting about 2700 torrents, with XP, and I’ve had no problems in the past.  The tcpip half-open is re-set to 100K, so it’s not that, either.
[20:43.58] <MC> 100000 half open
[20:44.01] <MC> lolwut
[20:44.05] <Delusion> It’s overkill, I know.
[20:44.16] <Delusion> I got sick of setting a reasonable number and then finding out it wasn’t so reasonable.
[20:44.29] <MC> dude u might single handedly destroy the entire internet with that shit
[20:44.34] <Delusion> 100 became 500 became 1000 became 2000 became “I don’t want to fuck with it”.
[20:44.35] <Delusion> 🙂
[20:44.47] <Delusion> I host a lot of content.
[20:45.17] <Delusion> huh
[20:45.19] <Delusion> Now it worked.
[20:45.27] <Delusion> After an hour and a half of fussing with it.
[20:45.40] <Delusion> It seems all I had to do is join this channel and poof.
[20:45.42] <Delusion> Excellent magic!
[20:47.10] <Delusion> It takes about 20 minutes for the client to restart with this much content hosted.  I’ll stick around until I’m sure it worked since IRC cargo cult magic worked before.
[20:54.20] <Delusion> OK, so it’s only 8 minutes.  It feels like 20 sometimes.
[20:54.38] <Delusion> Thanks for … being there?  Ciao!
[20:54.48] * Delusion ( Quit (Quit: )

Hard to know where to begin really. 2700 torrents, a half-open limit set to 100,000 and ‘no problems’ – Riiiight. I think MC was the only one capable of actually typing during this, the rest of us were too busy laughing.

Quite a few of the old myths came up here. First of all, the half-open connections one. There are only very very rare instances when this has to be modified (with Vista SP2 and Windows7, there isn’t a limit anyway), and in those instances, you don’t need to do more than 50, even on a 100Mbit connection. Second is the myth about having more torrents is better. 2700 torrents uses up a lot of bandwidth just in announces, bandwidth better used elsewhere. It’s maybe 3MB just in tracker announces each time (assuming only one tracker per torrent, multiple trackers, like the 4 on every piratebay torrent multiply that accordingly). Then there is the huge number of total peer connections 2700 torrents would need. Each one of these suchs up more bandwidth (it’s why private tracker users, often running 150-200 active torrents, find public torrents so slow.)

What many people don’t realize is that utorrent itself has a way of handling lots of inactive torrents. In the advanced preferences, there’s an option called queue.dont_count_slow_ul that is set to ‘true’ by default. This option means that inactive torrents (ones with an extremely slow, or zero upload) don’t count towards the queue limits. When your queue limits are reached with active torrents, the rest go back to queued status. That means your bandwidth can be used for active torrents, and not in ‘hoping’ on inactive ones, maximising your upload.

Of course, Delusion can’t really be blamed. I’ve read more than a few torrent guides at various private trackers, and they all give ridiculous settings. After all, it’s not like you need to know what you’re talking about, in order to run one, and that’s another reason why so many fail.


A Strange µTorrent Support Question

November 30, 2009 7 comments

I’ve been doing support for the µTorrent client, in their IRC channel, for a few years now. I don’t get paid, and I don’t have any official position, but I’ve been doing it a while, and I know my way around things.

Today, I had perhaps one of the most bizzare support questions ever.

[16:48.00] * BB_ ( has joined #utorrent

[16:48.30] <BB_> Is something wrong with utorrent. Every time I search I am coming up with no searches.

[16:50.07] <BB_> Can someone help me please?

[16:50.57] <K`Tetch> where are you searching?

[16:51.23] <BB_> mininova

[16:51.48] <K`Tetch> thats why

[16:51.58] <K`Tetch>

[16:52.20] <K`Tetch> [16:52.07] * Topic is ‘ | Hosting 1234 torrents [This is part of the topic in the Mininova IRC channel]

[16:53.11] <BB_> what is wrong with the other one?

[16:53.19] <K`Tetch> what other one?

[16:53.46] <BB_> mininova

[16:54.00] <BB_> why isn’t it coming up with anything?

[16:54.03] <K`Tetch> those are both to do with mininiova

[16:54.07] <K`Tetch> read the torrentfreak link

[16:54.58] <BB_> so this means we can’t use utorrent anymore?

[16:55.43] <K`Tetch> what?

[16:56.08] <BB_> I read it.

[16:56.26] <BB_> says that all copyright materials were taken off.

[16:56.47] <K`Tetch> except those uploaded and certified to be uploaded by the rightsholders

[16:56.49] <BB_> so that means there is nothing to download from utorrent then.

[16:57.07] <K`Tetch> utorrent is a client, mininova is a site, they’re not related

[16:57.29] <BB_> so how do you get searches using utorrent then?

[16:57.42] <K`Tetch> it’s like saying ‘google is down, there’s nothing to use with Internet explorer

[16:57.53] <K`Tetch> you never DID use utorrent to search

[16:58.01] <K`Tetch> all it did was pass the search straight onto a website

[16:58.04] <BB_> I know.

[16:58.18] <K`Tetch> theres hundreds of torrent websites

[16:58.23] <K`Tetch> and in fact, google is the biggest

[16:58.36] <BB_> what do I need to do to get a search using utorrent?

[16:58.39] <K`Tetch> but beyond that, I can’t say, because of the ‘no content’ rule

[16:58.47] <K`Tetch> don’t use utorrent to search, most people don’t

[16:59.03] <K`Tetch> just use your browser

[17:00.11] <BB_> ok thanks for the answer.

[17:00.27] <BB_> guess I should remove utorrent then since it’s no longer useful.

[17:01.34] * BB_ ( Quit (Quit: I shall return!!!)

Utterly bizarre, and a little worrisome. Despite all the documentation out there – the sites, guides, videos, etc – he still didn’t understand the very basics of how a torrent works. Next time you go to get some support with your client, remember, the guy asking for help before you, may have had this sort of question.

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