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Benchmarking Browsers – How Does Opera 10.60 Stack Up?

July 5, 2010 2 comments

About a month ago, I did a bit of a browser comparison using my desktop and laptop. It gave some quite interesting results, showing just how far behind the two popular browsers, IE and FireFox, are behind. Chrome and Opera, on the other hand, have been making HUGE strides in speed, stability, and features, and since 10.60 has just come out, I thought I’d test it, and see how it stacks up. I also thought I’d install and throw in Safari 5, which was launched to great fanfare recently, claiming to be the fastest Does Opera 10.60 beat Chrome, or was the google-monster faster, and how did the all-seeing-Apple product fare? Find out after the jump.

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Some Browser Benchmarks

June 2, 2010 3 comments

To some people, I’m known as being a bit of a browser snob. I’ve been an Opera fan for many years, and one of the things I like to do, is poke a little fun at Firefox fans.

There are many claims made about Firefox, four are made right on

Meet the World’s Best Browser
With security, stability, speed and much more, Firefox is made for the way you use the Web.

If only it were true. Security and Stability I will come to later, but it’s the issue of speed that will be addressed this time. I usually use a combination of Chrome and Opera. Chrome is used for ‘short term’ things, checking a few blogs, and playing videos on Hulu. For the majority of my work, I use Opera. I do, however, have Firefox installed on my systems, along with, obviously, IE. To start with, I’ve benchmarked the two systems that I use most often (there are another few systems that are also used, but which are ‘in use’ and can’t be reset for this test), my main desktop, and the wife’s laptop. Read more…

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