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OFCOM Closes Consultation Early

July 30, 2010

As some might know, OFCOM’s running a consultation on the aspects of the Digital Economy Act it’s supposed to enforce. Now, in theory, it’s supposed to be open until at least 5pm, but when I went to check the consultation document on another computer (so I could read both at once) I found a 404.

I then went to find the consultation document and found it closed. I’ve done a screenshot, including a UK clock, so you can tell. Click to enlarge

I’ve also tweeted to let them know (if it’s not on the side still –>)

The consultation is a bbit of a farce still, it’s incredibly complex to respond, in comparison to most consultations. I’ll put my response up later. (and if I ever manage to get it submitted)

**This was originally published at the new Politics & P2P**

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