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This Site is Moving

There are a number of restrictions here at WordPress that have had me chafing a bit. The main one is embedding video links. When I wrote about Hulu+, I couldn’t include the relevent section of the hulu+ promo video. I can only use Youtube, googlevideo, or dailymotion videos, which is quite restrictive. As you saw on the Muon1 post, I can’t add digg, slashdot, or any other kind of social media buttons either, which is a bit frustrating.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like WordPress a lot – it’s got a GREAT editor, and it’s ability to push to twitter and Facebook are great, and I like the stats it provides me about what’s popular. Maybe when I can get to the position of buying and hosting my own site myself, I’ll go back to wordpress. For now though, the inability to even change the copyright message you see at the bottom frustrates me no end. So, I’m moving hosting.

I’ll keep here going with a few copies of articles until the end of the year, and I presume the articles here will stay here, until WP takes them down, but for now I’m moving to pastures new.

The new site is


i’ll be adding tags on the rest of the posts, and will copy over all previous posts to the new home, so you won’t miss a thing. If you’ve linked to one of my pieces in the past, I suggest you update the links (once I’ve got it ported over). I’ll try and keep the dates the same, so you can find it easily. It’s been an interesting year, here, and I thank the thousands that have visited.

See you at the new place,


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