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US Box Office Estimates March 19-21 2010

Apologies for the lateness, Here are the box office figures for the weekend of March 19-21, 2010.

Alice in Wonderland still continues to dominate, although it’s started to drop behind Avatar for it’s total gross (but Avatar’s third weekend was the New Year holidays), but it’s still picking up screens, increasing it’s by eleven over the previous week. It wasn’t a straight stampede toward the Tim Burton film, though, as both ‘Diary’ and Bounty Hunter put up decent figures, Diary exceeding expectations, although The Bounty Hunter hadn’t performed as well as either leads previous films.

Further down the table, last weeks 3 and 4 (She’s out of my League, and Shutter Island) followed last weeks number 2 in formation, closely followed by Avatar, still bringing in $4M (for a $737Million domestic total) over the weekend. Avatar’s incredible success means that, at a NATO average of $7.50/ticket, close to 100 million tickets have been sold.  Meanwhile Remember Me lags down in tenth place, despite Twilight star Robert Patterson headlining role.

Rank (last week) Film Weekend Gross (Millions) Theaters Total Gross to Date (Millions) Weeks on release
1 (1) Alice in Wonderland $34.2 3,739 $265.4 3
2 (N) Diary of a Wimpy kid $22.1 3,077 $22.1 1
3 (N) The Bounty Hunter $20.7 3,074 $20.7 1
4 (N) Repo Men $6.12 2,521 $6.1 1
5 (2) Green Zone $6.11 3,004 $24.9 2
It’s important to remember, these figures for the weekend are released lunch-time Sunday, so estimate Sunday’s figures, there may be some discrepancies. Figures provided by BoxOfficeMojo. Click here for the full weekend figures.
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