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I made Wikipedia!

Earlier this week, I had a slight surprise. Someone had actually created a wikipedia article about me. Great! Nice to think I was considered notable enough in the Pirate Party movement to get a page. It’s a bit light on facts though, so I thought I’d add some here (since I couldn’t add them to wikipedia, as that’s a “conflict of Interest”

  • I’m married with 3 kids
  • I was born June 24th 1980
  • I used to work on BattleBots (I went from an assorted crew minion at the Long Beach event and Season 1.0, to coordinating the pits in 2.0, and was a safety inspector in 4.0 – passes are on this VASTLY out of date page from 03)
  • I also took part in Robot Wars, as part of Team Liverdyne. We ran the Middleweight Hard Cheese (Middleweight champ 98-2000) and the Heavyweight Viper01
  • Hard Cheese can also be briefly seen in the Spaced Episode “Mettle” – I am visible a bit more, as one of the slo-mo’d solo cheerers during the episodes battle.

And for those that want to know what ‘ktetch’ (more properly “K’Tetch”) is about – it’s a the name of a character I developed for an RPGin the mid-90s. It’s of Klingon origin, and it’s very handy as an on-line user name, as no-one else uses it.

  1. hERB
    January 8, 2010 at 03:21

    [Citation required]

    Congrats. Bring on the Brownfall, then next stop Downing Street. I for one welcome our new Pirate/Klingon Overlord.

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