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Magnet Links in Operation

This was a segment I originally filmed for TorrentFreak.tv but my voice isn’t exactly the best, and neither is my microphone. However, it’s still important to get it out there

There is a lot of misconceptions about magnet links, and how well they work. A lot of people say they’re slow, which is rubbish. So, I decided to make this little video. For obvious reasons, I used a torrent of TorrentFreak.tv, from mininova.

In the video, I go from taking a magnet link from a website, and loading it into µTorrent (I’m using 2.0 beta for the demonstration, but it works exactly the same with 1.8.x). Just to show you the REAL ‘slowness’, I even remove the tracker in the magnet link. It’s is all done without the aid of trackers.

A HD version (it was recorded at a resolution of 1680×1050) can be viewed on youtube

As always, the video is released under a Creative Commons license Creative Commons License

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  1. Någon
    December 13, 2009 at 18:02

    Ktech, what happened? Why were you banned from TPS? :S

    • ktetch
      December 13, 2009 at 19:12

      It seems my constant pointing out of factual errors and misconceptiosn got too much for them. I tried speaking to them, their response was a ban. Would seem that “The Private Society” would be a more appropriate title, since it’s only for generating income for private sites, and feeding egos. The quote in myth2 of the DHT myths piece on TF was from TPS, from a community rep (GaryE, of pornbits/empornium). Lets not talk about the guides, half of them wrong (especially when it comes to setting up a torrent client)

      I think the straw that broke the camels back though, was when I pointed out how ratio cheats – the sworn enemy of private sites, doesn’t actually affect sites, the best it does, is artificially inflate unpopular torrents, while at the same time adding increased tracker load, and overhead to peoples clients, which means other torrents are slower. And so they need stupid settings, which doesn’t work on public trackers (since there’s too many peers and everything is drowned in overhead) and they balme it on publics, and how privates are better. They don’t get that it’s the setups that privates require that make publics so slow, and they don’t get it because they don’t understand the protocol.

  2. Någon
    December 14, 2009 at 11:48

    Thanks for sharing, but could you please try to rephrase the second paragraph for me? Are you claiming that ratio cheaters lead to that people use stupid settings for their torrent clients that make them worse at downloading/uploading at public sites as opposed to private ones?

    • ktetch
      December 14, 2009 at 12:14

      Yes, sorry. Let me rephrase the sentence, from
      “the sworn enemy of private sites, doesn’t actually affect sites, the best it does, is artificially inflate unpopular torrents,” to
      “the sworn enemy of private sites, doesn’t actually affect sites. the best THING RATIO does, is artificially inflate unpopular torrents,”

      That also stops the one big run-on sentence.

      But overall, the insistence of “ratio” and the rise of seedboxes, means that people have to have more and more torrents active to try and ‘catch’ a peer and upload some data. Similarly, when they join on another torrent, there are already peers hungry to upload to someone, and so it maxes out the connection in short order, even with only a handful of peers.
      When they then go to a public torrent, with peers at various levels of completion and varying speeds, the settings that have served them on private trackers, fail badly. This gives them slow speeds, which they blame on “it’s public” and then carry on, not realizing it’s the settings needed for privates now, that have caused the problem, not the peers on the public.

      There’s a fair amount of ignorance on private trackers, and a lot of ego. I’m not saying all are bad either, I’ve had good experiances with some private tracker admins, but then again, they tend not to be running 0-days/warez trackers, encouraging seedboxes and pre-times, because they know it’s fairly meaningless overall. What difference does it make, after all, if the torrent is released 30seconds after pre, or 30 minutes? Well, apart from if it’s nuked, on the 30-second one you’ve used bandwidth, and maybe ‘ratio’.

      • Någon
        December 14, 2009 at 12:45

        This makes me really curious. I’m thinking of installing a separate bittorrent client to be able to compare the speeds I get at public trackers using uTorrent with the setting I use now (which are tailored to be able to accept a huge amount of connections due to me trying to keep a good ratio on those hard to seed music trackers) versus maybe Vuze/Azuerus or the vanilla bittorrent client with settings more suited for public trackers with huge swarms and many people with regular ADSL connections.

        Could you possible recommend me some settings good for public trackers?

  3. ktetch
    December 14, 2009 at 12:54


    Could you possible recommend me some settings good for public trackers?

    I have this table for utorrent. You could try that in the mainline client, since it’s basically a reskinned utorrent. Even the basic speedguide in utorrent would work, but these may work better, depending on the specifics of your connection.

  4. March 25, 2012 at 19:39

    i actually have multiple examples where i could choose between the magnet link and a torrent. I picked both, and then while the torrent was already downloading happily the magnet link didnt even start yet.. yes.. they are slower.

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